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Toronto Awards Scholarships

Toronto scholarship recipients with AGBU Toronto board members and administrators at the March 16 event at the AGBU Toronto center. (image courtesy AGBU Toronto)

On March 16, 2011, the Toronto Chapter of the Armenian General Benevolent Union held its annual scholarship awards reception at the Alex Manoogian Cultural Centre. This year’s recipients were Daron Bedrosyan, Knar Deherian, Michelle Deherian, Tamar Istanbul, Sareen Khatchadourian, Saro Khatchadourian, Tamar Makdessian, Jason Sarafian, Alisha Shahmirian, Anashe Shahmirian, Jivan Stepanian, and Khatchadour Wanes.

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Enroll Now in Armenian Virtual College’s Spring Term 2011

AVC is pleased to announce the opening of its enrollment period for Spring 2011 term.

The following courses are offered in multiple languages (including Eastern Armenian, Western Armenian, English, French, Russian and Spanish) on multiple levels:

  • Eastern Armenian;
  • Western Armenian;
  • History of Armenia;
  • Introduction to Armenian Architecture;
  • Introduction to Armenian Music.

The enrollment period closes on March 27. Classes start on April 11 and end June 14.

To enroll, visit the AVC website (, create your log-in and complete the enrollment application.

As a direct representative of the Armenian Culture and Education in your assigned country, we would appreciate your assistance in disseminating this information through your mailing list in order to inform candidates the opportunity to enroll.

For details and questions, please email,

Armenian Virtual College Wins at 5th All-Armenian E-Content Competition

AGBU AVC among the winners of the e-content pan-Armenian competition

AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) was among the winners of the Fifth All-Armenian e-content competition held in Yerevan from November 25 to December 25, 2010. The winners were announced during an awards ceremony on December 30.

A total of 320 applications were submitted to the Fifth All-Armenian e-content competition dedicated to the 500th anniversary of book-printing in Armenia. AVC was named the best institution to provide electronic education and won in the “e-Education” category.

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AGBU Lazar Najarian-Calouste Gulbenkian School Wins the Prize of “Best Armenian Educational Institution”

On October 18, 2010, the AGBU Lazar Najarian-Calouste Gulbenkian School (Aleppo, Syria) was recognized as the winner of the “Best Armenian Educational Institution” contest.

The school was honored at an official award ceremony in the large hall of the National Academy of Sciences in Yerevan. The contest was organized by the Republic of Armenia’s Diaspora Ministry, with financial assistance from the World Armenian Congress.

Four other schools also received awards, including Melankton and Hayk Arslanian Seminary (Beirut, Lebanon), Karen Jeppe Armenian College (Aleppo, Syria), Kananyan Girls’ School (New Julfa, Iran), and Sochi Secondary School #31 (Sochi, Russia). Sixty-two educational establishments had submitted applications for the competition, which included 31 Sunday schools and 31 regular schools, colleges and educational centers.

Since its founding more than half a century ago, the AGBU Lazar Najarian-Calouste Gulbenkian School has constituted the citadel of the city’s Armenian community, and it has instilled in students a deep respect towards the Armenian language, culture, and homeland.

AGBU Partners with Eduardo Eurnekian for One Laptop Per Child Project in Karabakh (Video)

Watch a Video Report from Shant TV about the OLPC project HERE (2:19)

The full press release about the innovative new project is on

Yerevan – On January 26, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, Ara Harutyunyan, and the world-renowned Argentinean-Armenian entrepreneur Eduardo Eurnekian signed a memorandum of understanding which launched the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program in Karabakh, which aims to provide laptop computers to elementary schools throughout Karabakh. The innovative technology program will be implemented by Eurnekian in partnership with the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), the world’s largest nonprofit Armenian organization, and the government of Karabakh.

Plovdiv Saturday School’s Graduation Event

Students during a performance of the play "Kioksi Maha"

To close out the 2009-2010 academic year, the AGBU Plovdiv Chapter’s Saturday school held a graduation ceremony and production of five plays in front of parents, AGBU members, and a vast audience at the Armenian Culture House. The plays included “Kach Nazar” (Nazar the Brave) by Hovhannes Tumanyan; “Kioksi Maha” (The Death of Kioks); “Karmir Klkharguh” (The Red Hat); “Aragile yev Aghvese” (The Stork and the Fox); and “Mrchune yev Chpure” (The Ant and the Cricket). Besides the young students who performed, the production was made possible by Teodora Cherneva, Mariam Kanaleva, Hacho Manukyan, Malvina Manukyan, and Stepan Parsehyan.

The underlying goal of presenting these plays was to help the students gain language proficiency – children were asked to learn not only their own lines but also the lines of their friends and fellow performers, enhancing their communication skills and confidence. The chairman of AGBU Plovdiv, Roupen Chavushian, acknowledged all students and teachers of the Saturday school for their achievements and granted certificates to the graduates. Verjinia Garabedian, chairman of the Educational Committee of AGBU Plovdiv and director of the Armenian School, conveyed her regards to the guests as well. She also gave special mention to student Beniamna Airapetaina, who travels 45km each Saturday to attend classes.

Shant TV Reports on Generation Next’s Glendale Move (video)

This Armenian-language television segments reports on AGBU Generation Next’s new office in Glendale, California.

For more information on the move, visit here and here.

Zaroukian School Featured On Nor Hai Horizon TV

A couple of weeks ago, the AGBU Zaroukian School was featured on the Nor Hai [New Armenian] Horizon TV program. The following is the two-part video report.

Armen-Quebec School Helps Iraqi-Armenian Immigrants in Montreal

Fruitful Cooperation

As a mission, the “Armenian House” undertakes projects that belong to the entire Armenian community. For example, the project entitled “Miatsial Gnkahayroutiun” (“Parrainage collectif” or “United Godfathership”), whose aim is to welcome to Canada immigrants of Armenian descent from Iraq.

The philosophy of the “Armenian House” is based on the understanding that it must cooperate equally and indiscriminately with the entire Armenian community. Our work with the AGBU Armen-Quebec Alex Manoogian School is regarded as one of the interesting examples of this cooperation. Considering the Armenian education of the arriving children and the importance of their inclusion in the Armenian community as vital, the “Armenian House” appealed to all the Armenian schools to admit them. The AGBU Armen-Quebec Alex Manoogian School was the only one that complied with our proposal, and now the children of numerous families are attending that school and are pursuing the school’s programs, particularly the special French classes, in order to master the language well.

Joining hands with the school, the collaboration of the “Armenian House” afforded these youngsters the opportunity to gain knowledge of the language in order to be able to persevere in their studies.

Parallel with this, a group of volunteer teachers was created (all of them university students) to give the Iraqi Armenian students the necessary assistance for the completion of their homework.

The unprecedented relationship between the “Armenian House” and the AGBU Alex Manoogian School and its teachers afforded the opportunity for the students not only to begin to speak but also express themselves in French, as well as be surrounded by groups of Armenian descent, which marvelously contributed to their harmonious inclusion and acceptance into the community.

The spirit of close cooperation continues with the school, which seeks to adopt the best measures to help these youths and their families adapt to Quebec.

Source: Abaka weekly, Monday, August 16, 2010, p. 3.

Moscow Summer Intern Program Participant Raffi Babikian Reflects on his Summer in Moscow

Raffi Babikian (center in blue shirt) with some of the other male participants in the 2010 Moscow Summer Intern Program.

I have not done much traveling outside of the United States at this point; only France and Israel. Those are the only ones I can remember. I have also been to Australia when I was young. In my opinion life gets boring when you are in same city, or even the same country, for a long period of time.

The Moscow Summer Internship Program seemed like a very necessary step in my life. After the essential paperwork was dealt with, it was time. It was hard to believe, but I was in Moscow. My feeling about the city is like a roller coaster that has yet to drop. I feel very comfortable here in the city of Moscow. The city has a great fusion of the modern and historical. Continue reading