Scholarships & Loans Make Dreams Come True, Deadline April 1 & May 15

auascholarships.jpgToday, through the global allocation of over $1 million annually, the AGBU Scholarship Program proudly supports over 450 full-time students of Armenian descent from 25 countries to realize their potential. We often receive notes from recipients that proves to us the importance of the program and its impact around the world.

This note comes from a recent Bulgarian recipient:

I was both surprised and honored to receive the scholarship from your organization. I am aware of some of the things you do for our community, particularly in support of education. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the ”Education – Scholarship program-AGBU”. As one of this year’s recipients, I am grateful for the opportunities this award will provide me. I rely on financial aid, grants and student loans to help finance my education. Receiving this scholarship will help reduce my financial burdens and provide assistance for me as I continue pursuing my education.

I appreciate your confidence in me and willingness to contribute to my future education. I look forward to completing my Bachelor’s Degree…I plan on majoring in Trading and Book-Keeping in hopes of one day opening my own business.

Please be aware that deadline for this year’s scholarship & loan program for US-based study is April 1 and for study outline the US is May 15, 2008. For more information, email

Download the applications here. They are also available on the DOWNLOADABLE FORMS pull-down menu on


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