Prof. Hovannisian in Toronto for Historic Western Armenia Lecture

profhovannisiantorontox.jpgOn Friday, March 7, AGBU Toronto presented an illustrated lecture entitled, “The Changing Landscape of Historic Western Armenia: Reflections on a Journey into the Past” by Richard G. Hovannisian, AEF Professor of Modern Armenian History, University of California, at the AGBU Alex Manoogian Cultural Centre.

The mystical names of the villages, towns, and provinces of a now vanished generation remain deeply embedded in the minds and hearts of many descendants. But how similar are the imagined homeland and the existing landscape? After many years of hesitation, Richard Hovannisian set out on a quest to reconcile the “imagined” with the “real.” His travels took him through the historic provinces from Trebizond on the Black Sea to Baiburt, Erzerum, Kemakh, Agn, Kharpert, Dersim, Palu, Mush, Bitlis, and Van.

He shared his impressions in an illustrated presentation in this special event for the Toronto audience. Even though the snowy weather didn’t cooperate with event organizers, a sizable crowd arrived to hear one of the leading Armenian historians in the world.

Hovannisian is the author of the groundbreaking four-volume history, The Republic of Armenia, Armenia on the Road to Independence, and has edited and contributed to more than twenty books including The Armenian Image in History and Literature, The Armenian Genocide in Perspective, The Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times, Remembrance and Denial, Looking Backward, Moving Forward, and six volumes on historic Armenian cities and provinces.



One response to “Prof. Hovannisian in Toronto for Historic Western Armenia Lecture

  1. Dr. Hovanissian is a real class act.
    I have had the priveledge to attend a few of his symposiums at UCLA and one at tate University Fresno. Although I don’t know in a personal sense, I respect and admire the man, the schloar, his achievements, dear wife and loving family.
    I pray that his works are inspiring for the next generation to continue on.
    Thank you to both Dr. Hovanissians!

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