Hye Geen Publishes Mireille Kalfayan’s “As a Woman Saw It”

womansawitbigfront.jpgAGBU Hye Geen has sponsored the posthumous publication of Mireille Kalfayan’s As a Woman Saw It, a collection of 213 essays that originally appeared in the Armenian Observer newspaper from 1993 to 2004.

Kalfayan’s columns have embraced wide-ranging topics dealing with social, educational and cultural issues. Her primary concerns were the status of the Armenian woman, her family relations, her absence from leadership positions, the prevailing gender discrimination in diasporan Armenian communitieis and the assertion that human rights are women’s rights. She also wrote movingly about the fragmentation of our community, the alienation of the young and partisanship in the guise of patriotism.

A member of Hye Geen, Kalfayan was committed to the organization’s aim of developing the potential of Armenian women in the service of their family and Homeland.

The book is available for purchase online in the AGBU bookstore for $25. To purchase a copy, click here.


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