AGBU Launches Photo Archive on Flickr

Courtyard of the Aleppo Ottoman barracks

Photo caption: Courtyard of the Aleppo Ottoman barracks, converted into a reception center for Armenian Genocide survivors returning from their places of deportation. Aleppo, Syria probably late 1918.


The photo above is one of the many rare historic photographs in the collection of the AGBU Nubarian Library in Paris, France.

Founded in 1928 by Boghos Nubar, the AGBU Nubarian Library (aka la bibliothèque Nubar de l’UGAB) is a research center with a large collection that includes:

  • 293 Armenian & French manuscripts,
  • 900 musical scores,
  • 1,000 maps,
  • 1,000 periodicals of the 19th & 20th C.,
  • 10,000 photographs,
  • 40,000 books on the topics of Armenian Ottoman history and the “Armenian Question,” and
  • 500,000 documents.

Today, the Nubarian Library and AGBU joins other venerable institutions, including the U.S. Library of Congress and the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies, on Flickr in an effort to share our extensive collection of photographs with the public.

Included among the treasures is the never before seen AGBU YPGNY Ellen Gerard Collection (pictured below) which was purchased by the AGBU Young Professional of Greater New York in 2000 and has been under lock and key until today.

Over time more and more images will be added to this accessible archive and we hope that everyone will feel welcome to tag, blog and comment on these priceless windows into history.

AGBU’s FLICKR PAGEClick here to subscribe to our Flickr feed.

Gerard Album (Page 16)

Photo caption: A page from the Gerard Album depicting the nurse (right) whose amassed the collection and a blind boy (left) who, according to Gerard’s politically-incorrect caption, “regained enough sight to become useful.” See the whole album as a Flickr slideshow here.


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