Are You Getting This Blog Via Email? Consider a Reader

Several people have unsubscribed from this blog recently citing “too many updates” — all of them were receiving the feed via email. If you are getting the email version, but aren’t happy with the amount of email it’s creating in your inbox, please consider changing your subscription from email to an RSS reader.

RSS readers allow you to subscribe to many blogs at the same time and have all of the posts grouped together (”aggregated”) in one place, instead of your email box. Google Reader, Bloglines, and Netvibes are three popular RSS readers with other subscribers of this blog. Using these free services allows you to read blog posts on your own schedule, but without having to visit each and every blog separately and without creating more email to sort through.

Once you’ve got your account established, you can easily return to the blog homepage and get the feed. Just look for the little orange logo with the two curved lines. Put that link into your reader and you’re done!

If you still aren’t convinced, watch this video which is easy to understand and explains the benefits of using RSS readers.


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