YP Paris Gathers for Networking Brunch


On April 13, AGBU Young Professionals of Paris (YP Paris) organized a brunch at Hotel Lumen’s trendy Le Passage Saint Roch restaurant in central Paris. Forty young Armenian professionals enjoyed the cozy ambiance of the private event while meeting fellow YPs.

During the brunch, hotel owner Herman Bal spoke about the role played by his Armenian network of friends and contacts during the construction of the hotel. “80% of the décor is the work of Armenian artists and craftsmen: lighting fixtures, furniture, paintings. Without forgetting the architect, Alain Daronian,” Bal said.

Sandrine Muradian, an organizing member of YP Paris, spoke about the committee’s upcoming events, including:

  • In May, YP Paris will hold its first “Open YPs;”
  • a series of upcoming after-work meetings organized for YP Paris members;
  • the YP Paris Gastronomy Club will be visiting various restaurants in the city; and
  • on June 15th, YP Paris will travel to Champagne for a one day wine-tasting excursion.

It is worth noting that YP Paris now has more than 210 members. For more information, please contact them directly at yp.paris@agbueurope.org.


One response to “YP Paris Gathers for Networking Brunch

  1. sonia kazazian

    i live in miami, florida and am very pleased to see that the armenian professionals are organizing such events, it is a wonderful idea
    we must never forget who we are and make sure that the world does not forget either
    we are talented, hard working people
    let the world know who we are, spread the word
    thank you

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