Paris Discusses Modern Armenian Architecture Lecture

AGBU Paris organized a lecture entitled “Modern Armenian architecture” with the participation of Aris Atamian, Michel Pazoumian and Jirayr Torgomyan at the AGBU Alex Manoogian center on May 22, attended by more 50 people with a strong interest in city planning for the Armenian capital city, Yerevan.

Yirayr Torgomyan, a student of “ Ecole special d’architecture” at Paris IV and AGBU scholarship recipient, gave a slide presentation and discussed the present layout of the main population centers, commercial areas, transportation infrastructures and tourism facilities.

Michel Pazoumian, who has managed numerous projects in Yerevan, Armenia and the CIS countries, provided interesting data and visual aids to describe the progression of the commercial real estate market, particularly retail space and was optimistic about Yerevan’s development.
He agreed with members of the audience who indicated that secondary cities in Armenia were lagging far behind, and he compared this situation to other countries like Poland, characterizing it is normal evolution.

Aris Atamian
, AGBU Central Board member and architect of the Melkonian University Complex project in Yerevan, described the city from the architects eye, providing a perspective on design styles, geological challenges and opportunities or seismic considerations and making an assessment on the the high level of expertise and creativity available in Armenia. In his presentation of the Melkonian  project, Aris Atamian also discussed the importance of creating a functional structure with a modern design that reflects an Armenian style, insisting on its “green” component.

This lecture is part of series organized by AGBU Paris, on topics of importance for today’s Armenia.

{Via AGBU Europe}


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  1. why not include solarium technic for lighthing in new school buliding ect ?

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