AGBU Europe Organizes Conference on Turkish-Armenian Heritage at EU Parliament

Via the AGBU Europe blog:

AGBU Europe organizes an important conference at the European Parliament, entitled: “A Journey of Cultural Rediscovery: Armenian Heritage in Turkey.

This conference is organized under the aegis of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 and will take place on Thursday November 13, 2008 from 9.30am to 1.00pm.

A journey of rediscovery is now underway in Turkey. After many decades in which the very memory of the Armenian presence in Anatolia had disappeared from public consciousness, opinion leaders and the general public are beginning to rediscover the country’s Armenian heritage.

This conference aims to highlight the process of rediscovery underway and to illustrate it through the work of some of the individuals involved. It will show how much is to be gained by joining in this public conversation in Turkey and internationally and by helping to rediscover and salvage what previous generations have passed on to us.

The program will feature a number of leading intellectuals and EU diplomats, including:

  • Michael Leigh, Director General, European Commission Directorate General for Enlargement;
  • Fethiye Cetin, Author, My Grandmother;
  • Osman Köker, historian, creator of the exhibition “My Dear Brother;”
  • Patrick Donabedian, Professeur, Université de Provence;
  • Vahe Tachdjian, historian, Zentrum für Literatur-und Kulturforschung, Berlin;
  • Ara Sarafian, historian;
  • Cem Özdemir, MEP; and
  • Ulrike Dufner, Director of the Istanbul office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

To register, please click here. Note that access to the Parliament will not be possible without advance registration and the audience will have access to English, French and Turkish language translations of the proceedings.

Registration deadline is November 4, 2008

Please click here to download the conference leaflet


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