Some Comments from the AGBU Flickr Page

One of the most delightful things about Flickr is that users can comment on photos posted on the website. Here are some comments (with the photos that solicited the remarks) since our launch last April that caught our eye.

Note: All internet jargon and spelling mistakes are those of the commenters.

Hospital nurses or helpers. Armenian Orphanage - Aleppo
harryt41 says:
This a a picture in which my mother, Dirouhi Mahshigian and Miss Norton are seated with the gentleman. I wish that I could get a copy of this photo.

Cynthia Denise says:
Go Buenos Aires!!

Constantinople, Turkey - 1919
racheltchiprout says:
this photo is splendid, it seems is during occupation of istanbul by talliés and on the left a boy in military suit? the quarter is rich,and a soldjier”gradé is drived by another soldjier it is not in a mounrtain of istanbul where is it,which “grade” has the militar, and who drives?

Tbrotsaser School in the northern Paris suburb of Raincy in the 1930's, France
bistoukeight says:
whaouuuuuuuuuu this school his still here in 2008. great photo of my city in the 1930’s


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