Turkish Paper Reports on AGBU-Sponsored Conference on Turkish-Armenian Heritage

The Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman reports on the AGBU-sponsored event on the Armenian heritage in Turkey which took place in Brussels yesterday:


EU fully supports Gül’s Yerevan visit

The topic of the cultural footprint left behind by Armenians on Anatolian soil was discussed yesterday at a conference on the Armenian legacy in Turkey, organized at the European Parliament.

President Abdullah Gül’s recent visit to Yerevan was described as a “turning point”at the conference — during which it was noted that the Erzurum Congress, one of the two congresses that founded the Turkish Republic, was held in a building constructed by Armenian architects. The conference also sparked a negative reaction from Turkish-Armenians.

Hosted by European Parliament French Liberal parliamentarian Bernard Lehideux and organized by the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), the conference, titled “A Journal of Cultural Rediscovery: Armenian Heritage in Turkey,” was held at the European Parliament building. AGBU Brussels representative Nicholas Tatvian gave the opening speech, and the European Commission, emphasized that Gül’s trip was “a turning point.”

Read the rest of the article here.


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