YP Yerevan on H1 TV Today & Tomorrow

We apologize for the short notice but we have just learned (via AGBU Toronto) that an Armenian television show named “Banadzev” on the H1 satellite channel will air TODAY (November 18) a segment about IT technology development in Armenia.

The program will feature an interview with AGBU Board Member Yervant Zorian, who will talk about AGBU’s new Armenian Virtual College.

Once again, it will begin TODAY at 11:15pm Yerevan time (8:15pm Paris time; 2:15pm New York time; 11:15am LA time).

Also, the AGBU Young Professionals of Yerevan recently organized a special event for the “Huys” orphanage that has captured the attention of the local media. YP Yerevan members were invited to H1 studios to appear on their daily morning program.

This broadcast will be aired via satellite tomorrow on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 8 am Yerevan time (5am Paris time; Tues. Nov 18 at 11pm New York time; Tues, Nov 18 at 8pm LA time).

We hope that you will tune in to both programs, and request that you pass this information along to your friends.


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