YP Yerevan Helps Gyumri Orphans (Video)

On November 2, 2008, the AGBU Young Professionals of Yerevan (YP Yerevan) organized a trip to Armenias capital for 70 orphans at the Nansen Orphanage in Gyumri, Armenia. YP Yerevan members hoped to give these children a taste of Armenias capital city and the trip would later serve as inspiration for an art project fundraiser.

On November 16, YP Yerevan hosted a fundraising event for the orphanage at the Yerevan Puppet Theater. The theaters auditorium was filled with special guests, including famous singers and artists, bankers, businessmen, and local celebrities, all of whom toured the display of art that was inspired by their day in Yerevan. The children also returned to the capital and gave several song and dance performances, which created a festive atmosphere for the theater guests. The event raised thousands of dollars for the Nansen Orphanage.


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