Following a US Diplomat As She Travels to Armenia


In this brave new world of the Internet, many politicians and business leader around the world have joined Twitter, a micro-blogging tool, to share information about their activities and keep the public or colleagues better informed.

Today, I encountered the following interesting post on the U.S. State Department’s Official Blog:

Do you twitter? You can follow a diplomat in real-time and learn more about America’s public diplomacy by catching the “tweets” of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Colleen Graffy. She is tweeting now as she prepares this weekend to depart for Iceland, Croatia and Armenia. She will chat with bloggers, meet with the Spokesperson at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, compare notes with journalists, talk with university students, hear about the Fulbright program, have pizza with representatives of the youth wings of political parties and more. You may also follow her travels through DipNote on Twitter.

She has already posted a short note (or tweet, as they are called) about her meeting with the Armenian Ambassador in Washington, DC:

just back from meeting with Ambassador Markarian at the Armenian Embassy to discuss my upcoming trip and get his advice.

Follow Colleen P. Graffy on Twitter here.


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