NY Times Columnist Writes About Tuberculosis in Armenia


Columnist Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times wrote a column about the spread of tuberculosis in Armenia and around the world:

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about … consider the deadly, infectious and highly portable disease sitting in the lungs of a charming young man here, Garik Hakobyan. In effect, he’s a time bomb.

Mr. Hakobyan, 34, an artist, carries an ailment that stars in the nightmares of public health experts — XDR-TB, the scariest form of tuberculosis. It doesn’t respond to conventional treatments and is often incurable.

When doctors here in Armenia said they would introduce me to XDR patients, I figured we would all be swathed in protective clothing and chat in muffled voices in a secure ward of a hospital. Instead, they simply led me outside to a public park, where Mr. Hakobyan sat on a bench with me.

And here is an interesting fact:

In Armenia, the only program for drug-resistant TB, overseen by Doctors Without Borders, can accept only 15 percent of the patients who need it. And the drugs often are unable to help them.

To read the whole article click here.


One response to “NY Times Columnist Writes About Tuberculosis in Armenia

  1. Sylva Portoian-Shuhaiber

    I like to recommend a high dose of vitamin reaching 2000 IU and more can increase the immunity, may help the resistance.
    There is no harm of using it.
    Sylva Portoian-Shuhaiber, MD FRCP

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