Nubarian Library is Open to All

On the Nouvelles d’Armenie website we find the following information about the AGBU Nubarian Library in Paris, France. The post is titled “Armenian Genocide and Turkey: Interview with Ara Sarafian.” Many of you will know that Ara Sarafian is a leading British Armenian academic who has published a number of books on the topic of the Armenian Genocide:

Q: Are Armenian archives open to all researchers, including the Turks?

A: I can not answer that question in a definitive manner, though I know that some “Armenian archives” in the diaspora are not open to researchers for a variety of reasons. The most important ones are the Jerusalem Patriarchate archives. I have tried to access them twice and turned away. The other archives are the Zoryan Institute archives, composed of the private papers of Armenian survivors, whose families deposited their records with the Zoryan Institute in the 1980s. A far as I know, these materials are still not catalogued and accessible to scholars. I understand that the ARF archives in Boston have been catalogued up to 1925, while the AGBU Nubarian Library archives in Paris have been open for at least a decade.

Read the whole interview here.


2 responses to “Nubarian Library is Open to All

  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    In 1871 a Mrs Walton, an Armenian, left Isphahan/Shiraz and went to reside in Boulogne Sur Mer. Her husband Henry Valentine Walton left a few weeks later but died of Cholera in Shiraz and was buried in the Armenian cemetery Shiraz. Henry V, Walton worked for the Persian Telegraph Department of the Indo European Telegraph Company and married an Armenian lady in 1868/69 and a child was born later. This child died in 1970. There then followed a bitter dispute between the British Indian Government and the Executors of Walton’s Will which ended up leaving Mrs Walton in Boulogne Sur Mer virtually destitute.
    Would your institution have any records of Mrs Walton in Boulogne and any information with respect to her later life. She does not appear to have returned to England.
    Any costs incurred will be for my account.
    Yours Sincerely
    Paul Hellier
    Exeter, UK.

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