Buenos Aires’ Liga de Jóvenes Elects New Board


Since 1940, countless young Armenians have passed through AGBU Buenos Aires’ Liga de Jovenes (the oldest armenian youth committee in South America) and contributed to its mission of promoting the Armenian identity and heritage. Today, a new generation of students, many of whom attend or are alumni of the AGBU Marie Manoogian School, continue this time-honored tradition.

In the last years, the Liga de Jovenes (Youth Group) has organized several highly successful parties and festivals featuring local and international talent. “La liga,” as it is affectionately known, has also organized trips to other regions where Argentinean Armenians live in order to meet with them and forge a strong network around the country. La liga has also organized several cultural activities, conferences, shows, fair exhibitions, and they have also found creative ways to educate people about the Armenian Genocide and its impact on society.

La liga is also responsible for the publication of Generación 3 which is the largest Armenian youth periodical in South America. The magazine covers articles of interest to young Latin Americans, including issues relevant to Armenia and the diaspora. Each issue (4,000 copies) is distributed free of charge to all the Latin American countries and more recently to Spain.

Recently La liga elected a new board (pictured below)…and we wanted to take this opportunity to say: Congratulations to LA LIGA and Keep Up the Great Work!


Members of the AGBU Buenos Aires Liga de Jóvenes get together at the local Alex Manoogian Center after electing a new chairman for their committee. Among those pictured is outgoing chairman Carlos Khatchikian (seated, third from right), the new chairman Francisco Balassanian (standing, 4th from left), and  the new YP Buenos Airess chair Ignacio Balassanian (seated second from left).


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