Montrealer Hopes to Plant AGBU Flag on Mt. Everest


This news from AGBU Montreal about one of their youthful members engaging in a fundraising trip to Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world:

Saro Shishmanian [pictured center], a young member of AGBU Montreal is undertaking a trip to Nepal in order to climb to the base camp of Mount Everest…Recently, our community center organized a special ceremony to wish Saro a successful trip. An AGBU flag was presented to Saro during this get-together, which he will be taking with him all the way to [the top of] Mount Everest.

We wish him all the best.

Good luck Saro!


One response to “Montrealer Hopes to Plant AGBU Flag on Mt. Everest

  1. Houri Karahissarian

    Hello Mr. Saro Shishmanian
    On July 17.2009 I was surfing the A.G.B.U. info, and was so excited to read that your going to Mount Everest. I was a scout at A.G.B.U. Montreal for many years, Scouting taught me a lot. To this Day I love, love ,love the outdoors. My husband and I have walked across Vermont, The Long Trail. What a wonderful experience!! I wish you nothing but a safe trip . Savor every minute of your trip, I know it’s going to be just wonderful. Once You’ve accomplished this event ,Im telling you nothing will seem the same ever again.

    Wish you well
    Good luck
    Play safe

    Yours truly
    A hiker, who learned the basics from A.G.B.U and it’s supporting members ,Young and especially the old!!!

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