AGBU Europe’s New Program Dedicated to Future Leaders of Europe’s Armenian Diaspora


From the AGBU Europe blog we learn that a recent AGBU-sponsored meeting took place in Venice with the objective of motivating new European Armenian leaders:

Goriz first seminar took place in Venice, Italy, a major Armenian Cultural place, from 1 to 3 May 2009. Participants and speakers stayed at Collegio Samuel Moorat Raphaël where the seminar also occurred in a beautiful room also very well equipped. 19 participants from Belgium (1), France (5), Germany (5), Spain (4), Bulgaria (3) and Italy (1) attended the seminar. All were young Armenian professionals living in Europe, selected according to the quality of their studies and professional background, capacity of leadership, motivation and involvement in the Armenian community of their country.

Among the topics discussed were the role of Armenians in Europe and how individuals can help lobby European institutions.


The gathering also allowed participants a chance to explore the centuries-old history of Armenians in Venice:

Goriz participants had the great chance to stay and attend the seminar in Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphaël and also to discover the beautiful San Lazzaro Island. On Friday 1 May afternoon, they visited San Lazzaro Monastery Museum with a Mekhitarist priest and then had a captivating tour of the Armenian Venice with Samuel Karapetyan from Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphaël (Armenian inscriptions on San Marco Basilica entrance columns, Armenian street and Armenian Holy Cross Church).

Read the whole post here.


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