Antranig Dance Ensemble to Appear at “One Nation, One Culture” Festival in NJ (Nov. 15)

Antranig group IMG_3242

Jenny Kiljian, writing for the Armenian Reporter, writes about the “One Nation, One Culture” festival that will take place this fall in New Jersey. Hosted by the Hamazkayin Armenian Educational and Cultural Society Eastern USA Regional Executive, the event will feature the AGBU Antranig Dance Ensemble:

The “One Nation, One Culture” festival will feature vocal performances by renowned Armenian singers Alla Levonian from Armenia; Babin Boghosian and Ensemble from Los Angeles; the Arekag Children’s Choir and Dhol Group of Hamazkayin New Jersey. The Armenian General Benevolent Union Antranig Dance Ensemble; the Akh’tamar Dance Ensemble of the St. Thomas Armenian Church; the Yeraz Dance Ensemble of St. Sarkis Church; and the New Jersey Hamazkayin Nayiri Dance Group will delight audiences with their graceful and elegant performances of traditional and modern Armenian dances.

And they add:

Under the artistic direction of Joyce Tamesian-Shenloogian…[Antranig] trains throughout the year, and creates a dramatic stage production every two years. The dancers also train for three months each year with dancer and choreographer Gagik Karapetian, whose talents have also molded the State Dance Ensemble of Armenia. Antranig’s dance repertoires – complemented by costumes designed and prepared by leading artisans in Armenia – range from folk-ballet and traditional Armenian dance to modern Armenian techniques and suites created for the ensemble by Karapetian.

Read the whole article here.


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