Nazar & Levon Nazarian to be Honored by Armenian Medical World Congress in New York


From the Armenian Reporter:

On Saturday evening, July 4, at the gala banquet of the Armenian Medical World Congress, at the New York Hilton Hotel, the preeminent father-and-son humanitarian and medical outreach team of Nazar Nazarian and Dr. Levon Nazarian will be honored, as will Lord Darzi, a preeminent surgeon and health minister in Great Britain.

Nazar Nazarian is a longtime AGBU board member and currectly a member of the organization’s Council of Trustees. His son Levon Nazarian joined the AGBU Central Board of Directors in December 2006 (more info here).

The Armenian Reporter also mentions:

Philanthropy has been the cornerstone of Nazar Nazarian’s life. Longtime member of the AGBU Board of Directors, Nazar Nazarian, former president of Royale Linens in New Jersey, with his wife Artemis, has given generous donations to many projects throughout the world, including the Nazarian School in Beirut and the construction of AGBU facilities in various communities in North and South America and the Middle East.


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