George Bournoutian Speaks in Toronto About 18th C. Catholicos Siméon’s Book “Jambr”


From the AGBU Toronto website we learn that on June 30, popular Armenian academic & lecturer George Bournoutian spoke to a large audience at the AGBU Toronto Center about “The Archival Chamber of Etchmiadzin.” The event was jointly organized by AGBU & NAASR:

Close to 150 “Bournoutian fans” had gathered to hear the ever popular professor talk about his new book Jambr. Dr. Bournoutian discussed how Siméon of Erevan, Catholicos of the Armenian Church from 1763 to 1780, reorganized the Holy See of Etchmiadzin, restored its spiritual authority, increased its wealth and political influence, and in 1771 established the first printing press at Etchmiadzin, the first ever in Armenia.

After assuming the leadership of the Church, Siméon gathered all the documents and manuscripts which were in the Etchmiadzin archives and, after examining them, wrote Jambr, Siméon’s term for “archival chamber.” Prof. George Bournoutian has just published the first English translation, with extensive annotations of this important work, as part of Mazda’s Armenian Studies Series.

Copies of the book can be purchased via Amazon here & the press release is available in its entirety here (incl. more photos).


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