“Lesson in Patriotism through the Work of Alex Manoogian” Article


The following Armenian-language article appeared in Nor Or weekly of California (Sept. 3, 2009, p. 3), and was provided by the Republic of Armenia’s Diaspora Ministry. It was translated into English by Aris Sevag of the AGBU Press Office:

Lesson in Patriotism through the Work of Alex Manoogian

September 1, “Knowledge Day,” at School No. 6 in Abovian was marked with a program, in which the 8th grade was named Alex Manoogian, after the great Armenian benefactor. The name of the honorary life president of the Armenian General Benevolent Union was bestowed on the class by decision of the school’s student council.

During the program, the schoolchildren staged a performance symbolizing the victory of good over evil and greed, in which the figure of the Armenian philanthropist Alex Manoogian came to life. The plot of the production, which was accompanied by song and recitation, developed in a Western Armenian environment. The words of great Armenians about the work and role of A. Manoogian were also spoken. The 20-plus students of the class bearing his name vowed to remain faithful to Alex Manoogian’s precepts, work and life. The pupils of the 6th grade bearing the name Karekin Nezhdeh, who stood in a row in military uniform, congratulated them.

Present at this festive performance was RA Diaspora Minister Hranush Hakobian, who quoted from Movses Khorenatsi – “Ignorance supported wickedness.” She added, “The hero of today’s lesson, the brilliant representative of our people Alex Manoogian, is indeed a symbol of goodness.” In presenting his patriotic work serving the cause of national preservation, she mentioned that the great benefactor applied his financial strength in various countries of the world, founding schools, cultural centers and churches.

Mrs. Hakobian was pleased to mention that the RA Diaspora Ministry has undertaken a series of programs with the title “Mer Metsere” (Our Great Ones), in which over 70 of them are devoted to Alex Manoogian. Many schools in Armenia have reacted enthusiastically to this initiative.

The diaspora minister also noted that Alex Manoogian’s activity must be the landmark, according to which “we must build our homeland with work, knowledge and goodness, and make the diaspora Armenia-centered; let us draw the diaspora closer to the homeland so that the diaspora may be strong with its homeland, and Armenia, in turn, defend the Armenian people worldwide with might and main.”

Greta Groyian, principal of Abovian’s School No. 6, and Lili Atamian, a teacher and community activist from London, greeted the schoolchildren, teachers and parents in connection with the conferring of the name of Alex Manoogian upon the aforementioned class and ”Knowledge Day.” Atamian remarked that the name of Alex Manoogian is also beloved in the diaspora because he helped all schools, regardless of which political party or organization founded it.

To read the article in Armenian, click on the image at the top of this post or click here.


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