Union of Armenian Writers Has a New Publishing House


Via Aysor.am and edited for clarity:

Today in the Union of Armenian Writers (UAW) was opened a new publishing house after Levon Zaven Surmelian. Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) has covered the expenses of the publishing house, which was provided from the Levon Zaven Surmelian Fund.

On the opening ceremony of the publishing house, UAW president Levon Ananyan, AGBU president Berge Setrakian, writers and guests were present.

“First of all the books of the members of the Union that are under the governmental order will be published,” said Vahagn Mughnetsyan, the director of the new publishing house, and he informed the journalists that the publishing house has been filled with the needed personnel and machines and is ready to publish books this year.

UAW president Levon Ananyan attached importance to UAW having its own publishing house and mentioned that still they have a lot to do.

“We have many projects; to enlarge the publishing house and the publishing institution,” mentioned the UAW president…Besides all these events Levon Ananyan touched upon the project of opening a bookstore in the UAW publishing house, which, as L. Ananyan mentioned, is their biggest dream.


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