Cairo Organizes Large Exhibition Featuring Six Generations of Armenian-Egyptian Artists


AGBU Egypt is organizing an exhibition that will for the first time bring together six generations of Armenian-Egyptian artists:

An important exhibition of Armeno-Egyptian artists’ works will be inaugurated on Monday 23rd November at 7:30 pm under the auspices of H.E Dr. Farouk Hosny, Egyptian Minister of Culture at the “El Hanager Art Center” besides the Cairo Opera House. The exhibition is a joint cooperation between AGBU Cairo and the El Hanager Art Center and will remain open to the public until 29th November 2009.

About 100 artworks of 38 artists will be displayed representing some of the finest works of Armeno-Egyptian artists of different generations. The works have been burrowed from individuals, private collectors and Armenian institutions.  The exhibition will also be the occasion to celebrate the birth centenary of the prominent painter Puzant Godjamanian.

During the past few months, AGBU Cairo, through the coordinator of the exhibition, Hrant Keshishian and photographer Viken Varjabedian, has been archiving, indexing and photographing Armeno-Egyptian artists’ works. More than 600 paintings and artworks have already been indexed.

The paintings which will be displayed will include works of Yervand Demirdjian, Vahram Manavian, Diran Garabedian, Alexandre Saroukhan, Ashod Zorian, Vahan Hovivian, Onnig Avedissian, Arte Topalian, Hampar Hampartsoumian, Puzant Godjamanaian, Simon Shahrikian, Jirayr Palamoudian, John Papasian, Simon Samsonian, Rose Papasian and Elize Partam. The works of contemporary artists will also be displayed, such as the ones of Hovhannes Denkdjian, Armenouhi Jamgotchian, Nora Ipekian, Margrit Baltayan, Hrant Keshishian, Shant Avedissian, Vahe Varjabedian, Sarkis Tossounian,  Aline Djizmedjian, Marie Artinian, Vahan Telpian, Armen Agop and Kegham Djeghalian.

Click here to view a list of all Armeno-Egyptian artists.


3 responses to “Cairo Organizes Large Exhibition Featuring Six Generations of Armenian-Egyptian Artists

  1. I very much hope that you will display these paintings on your website in the near future.

  2. There is a painter , a contemporary to V.Manavian, in the first generation, by the name
    B. Ajderian.Do you have information about him.
    I have two of his paintings, ca.1910 from Alexandria.

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