Najarian-Gulbenkian Alumnus Raffi Ohanyan Wins Shant TV’s “Hay Superstar 4”

Every year Armenia’s Shant TV organizes the Hay Superstar (Armenian Superstar) contest, the equivalent to American Idol in the United States or Pop Idol in the UK, to reveal young Armenian talents.  This year’s season of Hay Superstar brought to Armenia young and gifted Armenians from all over the world.  After months of tough competition two participants reached the finals, Raffi Ohanyan from Aleppo, Syria, and Raisa Avanessian from Tehran.

Raffi Ohanyan was born in Aleppo in 1989, and he attended the city’s AGBU Najarian-Gulbenkian secondary school. He became the chess champion of Aleppo and participated in the Syrian chess championship the following years, when he ranked second and third. Raffi has lived in Yerevan since 2002 and studies computer sciences at the European Regional University of Yerevan.  He is also an active member of the AGBU Yerevan scout troop and scout council.

The Hay Superstar 4 finals took place on Sunday, March 14, at 21:20 Yerevan time and revealed the name of the winner Raffi Ohanyan – making him the first male Hay Superstar in the history of the contest. Before the final concert, and during the whole week, SMS messages were sent from all over the world for both participants of the finals.  The gala concert also brought together the contest’s 12 finalists representing Armenia, Germany, Iran, Russia and Syria.

Congratulations to Raffi for his great achievement!


4 responses to “Najarian-Gulbenkian Alumnus Raffi Ohanyan Wins Shant TV’s “Hay Superstar 4”



  3. Anahit Bgdasaraian

    Congratulations Raffi you do have a very calming and peacful voice, I can listen you anytime of the day in any mood I am in. Good luck with your carrier you are going to performe on many many stages and win many many hearts. Stay humble and kind and success will guide you always.
    I must say, that any of those twelve participents were worthy to become a supersatr and I wish you will have many
    concerts together, because I love them all. Eva is a celebration, I love her voice very much. Rayissa is fantastic, Yulia has sweet voice, Suren, Mariam, Gor, Yvetta, Petrosyan, Susan, Anna sorry if I forgot anybody I will buy all of your Cassets will go all of your concerts and when I visit Armenia in May I relly would like to meet you there if any of you please can call me after may 5th on these numbers 23-24-78
    or cell number 077 8010-25 I will love to meet you. My California number is
    432-49-08 my e-mail address is

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