Plovdiv Hands Out 2009-2010 Scholarship Grants

Students of Armenian descent, their relatives, and AGBU Plovdiv Board members gathered on March 27, 2010, for the annual AGBU scholarship awards ceremony. The event, sponsored by AGBU Central Board of Directors, took place at the Victoria and Krikor Tyutyundzhiyan Armenian Secondary School in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. AGBU scholarship recipients from Dobrich, Silistra, Haskovo, Bourgas, Sliven and Plovdiv attended the event.

Roupen Chavoushian, Chairman of AGBU Plovdiv, introduced his fellow AGBU board members in attendance, including, Verjinia Garabedian, principal of the Armenian Secondary school in Plovdiv, Hripsime Erniasian,  editor of AGBU Voice monthly, Arakel Kaprielyan, Beatris Babikyan, and Аraxi Magardichian, who was as a board guest and the coordinator of Plovdiv youth activities.

Sylvia Yuzengidzhiyan was invited as the special guest speaker. A Melkonian graduate, former AGBU Scholarship recipient, member of YP Plovdiv, and a participant at the upcoming AGBU Goriz program for leaders, Yuzengidzhiyan shared her personal story about how AGBU played a vital part in her upbringing as an Armenian, assisted her throughout her entire academic studies, and taught her the importance of helping others.

Chavoushian congratulated all scholarship recepients, and he highlighted AGBU’s commitment to assisting the educational and professional development of students of Armenian descent around the world. He noted the importance of the students’ academic performance and consistent engagement in the activities within their respective Armenian communities. Chavoushian explained the great responsibility of being an AGBU scholarship recipient and cited some of the recipients who have demonstrated excellence in their chosen fields and have returned to the organization and the community, and expressed a desire to participate in community activities.

Hripsime Nourikian, former administrator of the scholarship program at the AGBU Central Office in New York, was a special guest who was invited to hand out this year’s scholarship grants. She was the final event speaker, and she encouraged all current and prospective AGBU applicants to show interest, take initiative, and use their potential to promote and preserve the Armenian heritage. The event concluded with the distribution of the scholarship grants.


One response to “Plovdiv Hands Out 2009-2010 Scholarship Grants

  1. Dr Ruzanna Marghoosian

    AGBU Grant Program

    Dear Sirs:

    I am a certified Physician from Armenia, in the field of Dermatology for a period of two years.
    I wish to apply for the “Physician Assistant” program at a university in California. Can the AGBU provide me the necessary funds to attend a university for my medical studies and for certification in the medical field?

    My name is Dr. Ruzanna Marghoosian, I am presently living in CA. My E-mail address is:

    I am presently not able to pay for my university courses, in order for me to become a ” Physician Assistant

    Thank you very much for your future assistance in aiding me to obtain the necessary funds for my medical studies and eventual medical certification” in the State of California.

    Respectfully yours,

    Dr. Ruzanna Marghoosian

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