The Armenian Genocide in Today’s New York Times

The Committee for the Affirmation of the Armenian Genocide placed an ad in the Op-Ed section of today’s New York Times. The Committee is composed of:

  • Knights and Daughters of Vartan;
  • AGBU;
  • Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern);
  • Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America;
  • Armenian Catholic Eparchy for the US & Canada;
  • Armenian Assembly of America;
  • Armenian National Committee of America;
  • Armenian Democratic Liberal Party; and
  • Armenian Council of America.

5 responses to “The Armenian Genocide in Today’s New York Times

  1. President Obama – remember your words!
    Let not this happen again!

  2. Since when has Turkey formed US foreign policy.
    It is past time to recognize the Armenian Genocide!!!

  3. Karine Hakobyan

    I’m an arminean gearl, Arminean Genocide is a historical fact, thanks for your attitued….turkes are continuing there privious policy…..

  4. Karine Hakobyan

    They were my Grarandparents I will never let anyone forget about Armenian Genocide

  5. Armenian Genocide -”Turkey will never be able to recover from this infamy”

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