First Annual Spring Basketball Tournament Takes Place at AGBU Pasadena Center

Spanning the course of four consecutive weeks, the first annual Spring 2010 Basketball Tournament took place throughout April, organized by the Sports Committee of the AGBU Glendale/Pasadena Chapter. Participants from various schools and organizations met to compete at the AGBU Pasadena Center basketball court, including Arshag Dickranian School, Hovsepian School, Armenian Sisters Academy, UACC, HMM Glendale, AGBU-AYA clubs, and school alumni teams. Teams were divided among age groups, ranging from 8 to 17-years-old.

The goal of the organizers was to provide a venue for the local youth to come together, compete and enhance their basketball skills, all while having fun doing so. From the feedback received, AGBU Spring 2010 Basketball Tournament succeeded in doing just that and much more. “The atmosphere was relaxed, friendly and cooperative. Animosity between rival teams was practically non-existent. On the contrary, this opportunity brought about a burgeoning camaraderie among all the athletes present. Kudos to the AGBU organizers for presenting our kids with this experience,” said a parent of one of the participating athletes.

The closing ceremony on May 2 followed a day of eliminatory games, with bleachers full of enthusiastic fans and supporters and coaches sharing tips with their respective teams. “During the entire tournament none of the coaches or athletes involved received a single technical foul. That is a great accomplishment for us,” stated Garo Mazakian, Athletic Director of the AGBU Glendale/Pasadena Chapter. “I am proud of all participating athletes. Their attitude and sportsmanship was truly commendable.” Each athlete was presented with a participation trophy while the coaches for the first and second place winning teams accepted their special trophies. All participating teams were called to gather on the bleachers for a group picture to mark the occasion. Judging from the atmosphere in the gym, all the athletes felt like champions.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response, the Athletic committee of the AGBU-AYA Glendale/Pasadena Chapter voted to turn this into an annual event, thus creating yet another ground for Armenian youth to gather and nurture their Armenian heritage, this time through their love for basketball.


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