NYSIP Interns Learn About an Innovative New Art Project

Neery Melkonian speaks to the 2010 NYSIP about "The Blind Dates Project."

On Monday, June 21, Neery Melkonian, a freelance art advisor, critic, curator, and educator, presented her most recent curatorial venture, The Blind Dates Project, to the 2010 NYSIP interns.

Neery Melkonian

The project aims to tackle the traces, or “what remains,” of the peoples, places and cultures that once constituted the diverse geography of the Ottoman Empire. Melkonian and her co-curator, Defne Ayas, have been pairing artists and non-artists for a series of private and informal discussions in order to mediate encounters between distanced neighbors and their estranged cultures.

These discussions have led to various projects in development by the pairings that will be exhibited at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery in November of this year. The collaborations include a number of video and mixed media installations, a photographic tribute to Arshile Gorky, and a ceramic tile fountain to be constructed with tiles designed by two artists.

Next up for the interns is their first event with the Young Professionals at the Mentoring Night Meet and Greet.


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