AGBU Ararat Futsal Team Wins Cyprus Cup

AGBU Ararat is awarded the Cyrus Futsal Cup.

Written By Barrett Costanian of the championship AGBU Ararat futsal team of Cyprus

On May 15, AGBU Ararat proved that they are the best futsal team in Cyprus when they won the Cyprus Futsal Cup. Our players were determined to win the trophy. I must say that with all the problems we had, it was the sweetest thing for our club, and hopefully our team made some more friends and fans. Our team has seven Championship titles and six Cup titles from the 11 years of the Cyprus Futsal Federation existence. We have participated in the UEFA Futsal Cup for seven years, and we are the leading team in Cyprus, with seven League titles.

The AGBU Ararat futsal team (click to enlarge)

Coming into the match against team Omonia, our coach ordered offense and in three minutes Giorgi scored the first goal. Oleg scored two more goals later that stunned the opponents, who could hardly react. Just near the end of the first half, Vaso saved one penalty and a shot that could have gone in, but he twisted his thumb and had to sit out the second half. The first half ended with 0-3 for Ararat.

In the second half, the opponents tried really hard to score a goal and succeeded at the 27 minute mark, but Giorgos didn’t leave a chance for them to come back and made it 1-4 at the 28 minute mark, and then Jack made it 1-5 at the 32 minute mark. From there on Omonia won a six meter penalty and a late goal, bringing the score to 3-5.

We would like to thank all our fans who were there for the match, shouting for our team, and also the players who were perfect throughout the whole year, and of course the architect of the team, Coach Ara Bedrossian, together with Nikos Kyriakou, the goalkeeping coach.

Last but not least we would like to thank Mr. Hratch Manougian; if it weren’t for him, our team would have ceased to exist a long time ago. We thank you for all your help throughout the years. Our team is looking forward to hosting the UEFA Futsal Cup Tournament in August.


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