The Life & Music of Mihran Toumajan Presented at Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis

A presentation of the life and works of the late Armenian folklore musicologist Mihran Toumajan was organized at the Chaker Cultural Center in Heliopolis, Egypt on Sunday, June 20th. The presentation of this eminent conductor, author, and preserver of Armenian music and folklore was made by his nephew Dickran Toumajan, lecturer of Armenian studies at Detroit’s Wayne State University.

AGBU Egypt Chairman Berdj Terzian introduces Prof. Dickran Toumajan. (via

After an introduction by AGBU Egypt chairman Berdj Terzian, Professor Dickran Toumajan recounted the rich and prolific life of composer Mihran Toumajan, his relation with renowned Armenian musicologist Komitas Vartabed and the important role he had played in gathering, recording, and preserving Armenian national folkloric music and songs.

The second part of the evening was prepared by Maestro Mihran Ghazelian who, through soloists Sylvia Terzibashian and Roupen Saad, presented six folkloric songs by Mihran Tomajan.

For a brief biography of composer Mihran Toumajan and more information about the event, please visit AGBU Egypt.


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