NYSIP Interns Meet Their Mentors

On Wednesday, June 23, the Young Professionals of Greater New York (YPGNY) hosted the 2010 NYSIP interns at Pop Burger for this year’s Mentoring Night Meet and Greet. Every year, interns are paired with young professionals in their related fields to serve as mentors throughout the summer for career and internship advice. This summer, we have pairings in a variety of professions including architecture, entertainment, finance, law, marketing, and medicine.

Heavy.com editorial intern Alec Simone and his mentor, Seta Bairamian, immediately hit it off. Says Simone, “I can tell I’m going to be good friends with my mentor, which is great because I’ve already learned a lot from her.” As the evening progressed, more and more successful pairings became evident as mentors and interns were engaged in conversation for hours in the upstairs lounge.

Later in July, NYSIP and YPGNY will team up for the YP Round Table lecture series and an evening devoted to raising funds for the AGBU New York Summer Internship Program Scholarship Fund.


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