AYA Antranik Women’s Basketball Team Wins Another Championship

The AYA Antranik 1st Division Girls’ Basketball Team participated in the international “SOUWAIDA” tournament and emerged as champions. The tournament took place from July 27 to August 1 in the Syrian city of Souwaida.

Participating in the tournament were seven teams, which were divided into two groups: Group A – AGBU Antranik, National Team of Qatar, 2nd Division of Syria, and Souwaida; and Group B – Orthodox, Riad Beirut, and 1st Division of Syria.

The Antranik team breezed through to the finals without suffering a single defeat and in the final game they clobbered the Orthodox team by a score of 89-27.

In addition to the championship, two Antranik team members were also given awards for their accomplishments (Shada Nasr was chosen as best player, while Nusrin Danda was given the honor of highest scorer).

Congratulations, AYA Antranik!


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