Asbeds’ Job Shadowing Program Continues for Second Straight Year

Los Angeles, April 20, 2010. In light of last year’s success, the executive committee of the Armenian General Benevolent Union’s Asbeds is likewise organizing the Job Shadowing Program this year. This program creates the opportunity for Armenian students to have contact with, and get to know, the real world inside the offices and workplaces of AGBU members, who are successful professionals in various walks of life.This year too, a group of students from AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian and Vatche and Tamar Manoukian schools in Southern California had the opportunity to benefit from this possibility created by the Asbeds’ executive committee, having a wide choice among eleven different professions and addresses.

The Asbeds’ executive committee, which consists of devoted middle-aged couples belonging to AGBU, performs useful work in the Los Angeles area, supporting AGBU programs, as well as maintaining an awareness of, and fostering pride in, the Armenian culture, history, and our rich legacy among the Armenian population of Los Angeles. Thus, along with lecture meetings and various fundraising events, this program has its tangible utility and also brings together two generations, the new and the middle, thereby constituting a connecting link, which closes a very important gap. On this occasion, let us also mention that the AGBU Asbeds’ Scholarship Essay competition is continuing for the second year already, which is an essay contest for the pupils in the graduating classes of the AGBU schools in Canoga Park and Pasadena.

Returning to the Job Shadowing Program, we should point out that this is a program for the 11th grade, whose purpose is to acquaint the Armenian pupils with different professions by giving them an idea of what a work day is like by spending it in the workplace of a professional specialist. The boy and girl pupils, who take part in this program, find out how work proceeds, what difficulties and challenges the professionals face in the course of their daily work.

This year, eleven doctors, engineers, business professionals, merchants and teachers have invited one or more, up to four, pupils to their personal workplace (three hours each time over the course of four days). The professionals set aside time to discuss their experience with, and transmit knowledge to, the pupils. The latter, in turn, along with developing an idea, find themselves in the work environment, going toward the future for a moment and returning to real life.

The following professionals have accepted the AGBU Asbeds’ proposal and are gladly giving their time and facilities, in order to be helpful to our schoolchildren. The Asbeds’ executive committee, the administrations of both schools, the parents and pupils express their thanks to the individuals listed below, whose voluntary effort deserves much appreciation.

  1. Mr. Kurken Berksanlar – international trade, import-export
  2. Dr. Giragos Minassian – physician-pediatrician
  3. Mr. Hampig Sinanian – construction and real estate
  4. Mr. Kevork Kalenderian – import and export of textiles
  5. Dr. Harout Yaghsezian – hospital-laboratory
  6. Mr. Aram Aginian – accounting office
  7. Mr. Steve Hampar – real estate
  8. Mrs. Nayiri Balian – attorney, real estate
  9. Mr. Ara Maloyian – engineer, Beverly Hills municipal authority
  10. Mr. Berj Shahbazian – mortgage banker
  11. Mrs. Houri Khechoumian – teacher

The AGBU Asbeds’ executive committee expresses its deep thanks to Mr. Hagop Hagopian, principal of both AGBU schools, who has always opened the schools’ doors wide for cooperation.

Thanks also to the group of dedicated individuals known as AGBU Asbeds, who conceived and carry out this program. Congratulations.

H. A. S.

This is a translation, by Aris G. Sevag, of the press release which was published in the April 29, 2010 issue of Nor Gyank and the May 6, 2010 edition of Nor Or.


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