Cultural Evening at UNESCO Palace Hall (Lebanon) Featuring AGBU Antranik Dance Ensemble

An Unprecedented Cultural Evening in UNESCO Palace Hall under the Auspices of Lebanon’s Interior Minister Ziad Baroud, Organized by Rotaract District 2450 Representative Christine Arzoumanian, with the Participation of the Dance Ensemble of Armenia and Other Countries of the Region, as well as the Armenian Youth Association

By Hamo Moskofian

Lebanese-Armenian Christine Arzoumanian was in charge of the committee having organized the regional conference of Rotaract District 2450 (Rotary International), which has 1.2 million members and 33,000 clubs in 160 countries. An unprecedented cultural evening took place in the UNESCO Palace, through the initiative of Megerdich Bouldoukian, former governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, and with the participation of the Antranik Dance Ensemble of the Armenian Youth Association (AYA) of AGBU, directed by Gayane Madzounian. The opening of the cultural evening and concert took place on Thursday, June 24, 2010 in the UNESCO hall, under the auspices of Lebanese Minister of Interior Ziad Baroud and with the participation of delegates from Armenia, Lebanon, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Sudan, and United Arab Emirates. Prior to the magnificent concert presented by the classical orchestra of Lebanon’s Ministry of the Interior, the AYA Antranik Dance Ensemble drew enthusiastic applause from the audience, with Armenian and Lebanese dancers performing jointly in front of the Armenian pavilion at the entrance to the second floor of the hall. On the morning of the same day, in turn, Megerdich Bouldoukian, economist and former governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, was awarded a medal of honor for his services during his special appearance during the opening ceremony, which took place in the hall of Grand Hills Hotel in Broumana.

For two solid hours, the participants of the conference and guests listened to fine pieces of classical and patriotic music and song, under the direction of Ziad Mrad, conductor of the orchestra of the Internal Security Forces, and Antoine Tohmeh. Interspersed among the renditions were greetings and expressions of thanks by Joseph Azar, Nazira Hariri, and Christine Arzoumanian. At the end of this late-night concert, the leaders of the orchestra were presented with a plaque of appreciation.

Source: Zartonk daily, June 27, 2010, p. 5, reprinted in Abaka, July 19, 2010, p. 14.


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