Armen-Quebec School Helps Iraqi-Armenian Immigrants in Montreal

Fruitful Cooperation

As a mission, the “Armenian House” undertakes projects that belong to the entire Armenian community. For example, the project entitled “Miatsial Gnkahayroutiun” (“Parrainage collectif” or “United Godfathership”), whose aim is to welcome to Canada immigrants of Armenian descent from Iraq.

The philosophy of the “Armenian House” is based on the understanding that it must cooperate equally and indiscriminately with the entire Armenian community. Our work with the AGBU Armen-Quebec Alex Manoogian School is regarded as one of the interesting examples of this cooperation. Considering the Armenian education of the arriving children and the importance of their inclusion in the Armenian community as vital, the “Armenian House” appealed to all the Armenian schools to admit them. The AGBU Armen-Quebec Alex Manoogian School was the only one that complied with our proposal, and now the children of numerous families are attending that school and are pursuing the school’s programs, particularly the special French classes, in order to master the language well.

Joining hands with the school, the collaboration of the “Armenian House” afforded these youngsters the opportunity to gain knowledge of the language in order to be able to persevere in their studies.

Parallel with this, a group of volunteer teachers was created (all of them university students) to give the Iraqi Armenian students the necessary assistance for the completion of their homework.

The unprecedented relationship between the “Armenian House” and the AGBU Alex Manoogian School and its teachers afforded the opportunity for the students not only to begin to speak but also express themselves in French, as well as be surrounded by groups of Armenian descent, which marvelously contributed to their harmonious inclusion and acceptance into the community.

The spirit of close cooperation continues with the school, which seeks to adopt the best measures to help these youths and their families adapt to Quebec.

Source: Abaka weekly, Monday, August 16, 2010, p. 3.


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