Papazian Theatre Group of Sydney “Shvaradz Pesatsoun” Performance in Cairo

On Thursday, September 16, and in cooperation with AGBU Sydney, AGBU Cairo has organized a theatrical evening presenting Nubar Gharibian’s “Shevaradz Pesatsoun”; a three-act comedy play performed by AGBU Sydney’s Vahram Papazian theatrical group. The entertaining and comic play was held at a packed Belekdanian Hall which hadn’t witnessed such a presence since quite some time.

The story of the play, which was written, acted and directed by Nubar Gharibian, a former Armeno-Egyptian, was about an Australian businessman who travels to his native country Egypt, then to Armenia in search for a bride. Along with Nubar on stage were Hovhannes Kouyoumdjian, Vartiter Nersesian, Sona Ohannesian, Seta and Anna Bilboulian, Zevart Semsarian, Liana Barsoumian, and Roupen Aslanian. The technical director was Suzanne Serdjararian with the assistance of Caroline Arslanian.

To view additional photos of the event, please click here.


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