Armenia News Bulletin 10-05-10


  1. Arevik Petrosyan presents resignation application
  2. Edward Nalbandyan: There are no issues between Armenia and Georgia which will be impossible to solve through negotiations
  3. NKR NA delegation calls on American -Armenians to be consistent in all programs leading to international recognition of Artsakh
  4. Number of supporters of Armenian Genocide Resolution growing at US Congress
  5. “Armenia – Your Partner” international exhibition in Yerevan
  6. There are development tendencies in the sphere of recovering energy in Armenia
  7. Senator Boxer placed a “hold” on the Bryza nomination as US Ambassador to Azerbaijan By Harut Sassounian
  8. 416 educational establishments work in Diaspora
  9. ‘Ordinary Genocide: Maragha, April 10, 1992’ documentary presented
  10. “Dialogue of Cultures” international youth festival will be held in Yerevan
  11. Regular session of anniversary commission on 75th birthday of Momik in Vayots Dzor
  12. Annual “On the Other Side of the Stage” meetings in Yerevan
  13. Yerevan to be introduced through the eyes of Japanese
  14. Hayk Demoyan: Turkish namaz is an offence not only to the Armenian identity, cultural heritage but to the All-European cultural memory
  15. At first session of Council of Armenology issues of the sphere discussed
  16. Alexander Mirzakhanyan: ‘Children from children’s houses are full members of the society’
  17. Byurakan Observatory claims to become a regional center
  18. “Festival of Knowledge” in Yerevan

Click here to download the PDF (76KB) of the latest AGBU Armenia News Bulletin.


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