Generation Next Moves Into its New Home in Glendale


A view of the new home of Generation Next in Glendale, California.


The AGBU Generation Next Mentorship Program has finally come home to Glendale. Over the last few weeks, mentees and mentors worked together to prepare their new home away from home.

“We had a wonderful time painting, laughing and joking together,” Generation Next director Ara Arzumanian said. “Having the kids work on the place really gives them a sense of ownership for it. It’s funny, sometimes when we’re in the AGBU Pasadena Center a kid will ask me ‘Who owns this place?’ I always answer, ‘you do. It belongs to you; to all of us.’ I think now it’s starting to sink in for them, that although we have these places due to the generosity and sacrifice of countless others, these community centers belong to all of us.”

Generation Next’s unique home is what is known as a geodesic dome, a form that was originally designed by visionary US architect Buckminster Fuller, who designed similar structures for many places around the world, including the US pavilion during the 1967 World Fair in Montreal.

The Generation Next team says they love their new home and can’t wait to put it to good use.

View the complete photo set of the move on Flickr here.


Generation Next mentors and mentees who helped out with the move.



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