Generation Next’s Glendale Move Attracts Attention

The Glendale News-Press reports that the AGBU Generation Next Mentorship Program’s move to Glendale already been a success:

Just weeks after opening, the mentoring and after-school program Generation Next is already attracting dozens of local teenagers to its new Glendale site, Director Ara Arzumanian said.

“They are facing all the big-city issues,” Arzumanian said. “People still look at Glendale as a little town, but we are really a big city at this point. There is drugs, there is violence, there is promiscuity.”

In addition, some behaviors once regarded as teenage mischief are now treated as crimes, including skipping class, smoking cigarettes and getting into fights. All are reprehensible, Arzumanian said, and can snowball into a criminal record.

Generation Next now supervises 107 mentor relationships, Arzumanian said, and there is a waiting list 95 children deep.

Read the whole article here.


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