Human Rights Defender of Armenia Speaks at Euro Parliament

From November 15 -18, 2010, Human Rights Defender of Armenia Armen Harutyunyan was in Brussels meeting with members of the European Union and speaking with the European Parliament. The trip was organized as part of a series of events organized by AGBU Europe in the context of its work with the European institutions. AGBU Europe’s representation in Brussels carries out advocacy work with EU institutions on issues related to culture, education, and intercultural dialogue, on the EU’s relationship with the Republics of Armenia and Karabakh, and Turkey’s negotiations to join the European Union.

During his visit, Harutyunyan met with Milan Cabrnoch, Chair of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia; Heidi Hautala, Chair of the European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights; Peter Semneby, European Union Special Representative for the South Caucasus; and Gunnar Wiegand, responsible for Eastern Europe, the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia of the European Commission. A number of meetings were held to discuss pressing matters facing the European nations and the rest of the world. Addressing members of Parliament, Harutyunyan explained that despite efforts to reform, Armenia, like other post-Soviet states, was still far from being the democratic nation it aspires to be; he emphasized that as long as its system remains oligarchic and its economic and political powers intermingled, democracy cannot prevail. In order to reinforce the country’s economic development, the Human Rights Defender recommended institutional reforms, which are indispensible to manage the transition from oligarchy to capitalism, for securing the respect for human rights and to invigorate civil society. Harutyunyan also spoke at a round-table of experts convened jointly by AGBU Europe and European Friends of Armenia, and held a debate with the Armenian community in Brussels.

A series of seminars, round-tables, and meetings continue to be organized regularly in order to initiate and nurture strategic thinking within AGBU Europe and the Armenian diaspora on AGBU Europe’s interests and aspirations, on their relevance to the EU’s agenda and on the best way to achieve them in this context.

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One response to “Human Rights Defender of Armenia Speaks at Euro Parliament

  1. A Human’s Rights*

    Do not seize me in your cave
    Open your door let me behave
    To see the world in its fight
    To try to protect every human right!

    Let me grasp a red pen in hot hands,
    Writing poems to justify rationales.
    Let me write to billions of inhumane minds,
    Let them feel ashamed of sinful fights.

    Let the righteous rays shine on everyone
    To guide spirits into the right light.
    Let harsh minds listen every night
    To symphonies praising humans’ right.

    I am yours, always yours.
    No one can grab me by force.
    I like to scream very loud;
    Human rights are everyone’s birth right.

    Let my voice, from the heartiest soul,
    Reach further than both polar sites.
    Let tears of the speakers on human rights
    Flows like waterfalls on starved lands.

    Don’t hide me in an unsown cave,
    I’m kind and heartily brave;
    I have genes to know every right,
    From sunshine to moon light.

    Let all raise the faithful flag of human rights,
    In the suppressed corners of ‘Crying Crowds’
    To detect, narrate, yet prevent birthing crimes.
    Let slayers confess past deeds, thus prevent further Genocides.

    April 24, 2006
    *Published in two books: “Lance My Hart(Heart) at a Glance” (2007)
    ” My Son–My Sun: Chants Ann, Obamas Mother” (in press, 2011)

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