Armenia News Bulletin 01-12-11


  1. Businessman appointed Minister of Agriculture
  2. Artak Davtyan: ‘An unfair settlement of the NK issue means failure of democracy movement’
  3. Artak Shakaryan: 2011 will be a passive year for regulation of Armenian-Turkish relations
  4. Serzh Sargsyan: ‘Now it is obvious and clear-cut for the whole world that we are not hindering the development of relations in our region’
  5. Obama circumvents Senate to appoint Bryza as U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan
  6. Richard Kirakossyan – Armenia conducting clever policy toward Turkey
  7. Richard Kirakosyan says process related to Armenian-Turkish protocols put an end to strategic relations of Turkey and Azerbaijan
  8. Edward Nalbandyan visits Brazil and Argentina
  9. Richard Kirakosyan: U.S. newly-elected Congress presents itself a strong anti-Turkish environment
  10. Armenia may become olive exporter
  11. All-Armenian forum of young businessmen in Armenia
  12. Six labor fairs to be organized in Armenia in 2011
  13. Richard Kirakossyan: The US Armenian lobby is currently stronger than previously
  14. Singer Araks Mansurian awarded Komitas medal of Ministry of Diaspora
  15. 3500 people attend ‘Aida’ opera within 3 days
  16. Ohan Durian passed away
  17. Tatevik Ghaplanyan’s funerals to take place tomorrow
  18. “Interrupted Song” film intended to show in world leading cinemas
  19. Exhibition-contest on the occasion of Saint Sargis Holiday
  20. Holy Liturgy chanted in Armenian Apostolic Churches
  21. Karekin II: ‘With Strong Unity, We Shall Beautify Our Homeland’
  22. Armenian Apostolic Church marks Remembrance Day
  23. Catholicos of All-Armenians left for the USA
  24. “My Priest” program to continue its activity in 2011 as well
  25. Zaven Khlgatyan: All the buildings constructed after Spitak earthquake correspond to anti-seismic norms
  26. Diplomatic school of Foreign Affairs Ministry starts a new entrance
  27. 9751 library pieces provided to provincial libraries by RA National Library last year
  28. “Tatev Wings” works again
  29. Photography founded in Ottoman Turkey due to Armenians
  30. Mausoleum of Argishti the 1st opened for tourists in Van
  31. At 6,000 years old, wine press is oldest yet found
  32. Levon Aronian Ranked 3rd Chess Player in FIDE List of Top 100 Players
  33. Vic Darchinyan and Arthur Abraham in The Ring List of World’s Top Boxers

Click here to download the PDF (98KB) of the latest AGBU Armenia News Bulletin.


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