YP Sofia Holds Badminton Tournament

YP Sofia Badminton Tournament participants at the Sport Center “Sofia Hall”

On November 6-7, 2010, AGBU’s YP Sofia held a badminton tournament, with the help of Professor Puzant Kassabian, Chairman of the Bulgarian Badminton Federation. The tournament took place in the Sport Center “Sofia Hall,” located in the Central Park, near the Park Hotel Moscow. Approximately 30 young professionals participated, with some players showing up with their children. Participants played with each other, divided into male and female groups, and then played in pairs. In the women’s singles finals, Hripsime Kerpichian won, playing against Gadar Benlian. In the men’s singles finals, Agop Ervantyan won against Ohanes Panikian.

The two-day tournament turned into an exciting event, full of Armenian spirit. Sonia Avakian-Bedrossian, Chairwoman of AGBU Sofia, congratulated all participants for their enthusiasm, their positive spirits, and their eager attitudes, and wished them all success in future events similar to the badminton tournament. YP Sofia hopes to organize more sports initiatives where young professionals and children come together.

Tournament players during a singles match


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