Montreal Cultural Committee Presents Yerevan’s Henrik Malian Theatrical Troupe

Yerevan’s Henrik Malian Theatrical Troupe performing William Saroyan’s “Stories on a Train.”

From September 10-12, 2010, the Cultural Committee of AGBU Montreal presented Yerevan’s Henrik Malian Theatrical Troupe, which performed three different plays over three consecutive nights at Vanier College in Montreal.

Narine Malian, the director of the troupe, which is composed of 15 members, is the daughter of Henrik Malian (1925-1988), prominent Soviet-Armenian film director and writer, who founded the Henrik Malian Theatre of ArmenFilm Studio in 1980.

The first performance, on September 10, was William Saroyan’s “Stories on a Train.” A welcome speech was given by Harout Kumruian on behalf of AGBU Montreal’s cultural committee.

Following the performance, special words of thanks were delivered by AGBU Montreal Chapter Chairman Armen Bechakjian, who acknowledged the sponsorship of the Armenian embassy in Canada, as well as the financial support of Hovig and Dzovag Gebenlian. He noted that Armenia’s Ministry of Culture and the municipality of Yerevan had assisted in making the tour possible. Bechakjian also expressed his gratitude to the Cultural Committee and highlighted the dedicated service of its chairwoman, Arsineh Attarian, who received a plaque and certificate of appreciation from the Executive Committee, handed to her by the Armenian embassy in Canada’s Chargé d’Affaires Arman Akopian.

Aghasi Aivazian’s “The Physiology of Race” was presented on the second night of performances; the third, and final, night was comprised of Hovhannes Toumanian’s “Fairy Tales,” which included “A Drop of Honey,” “The Dog and the Cat,” and “The Death of Kikos.”

Vrouyr Moughalian, in his review “Henrik Malian theatre in Montreal,” published in the October 25, 2010 issue of Armenian-Canadian weekly newspaper Abaka, wrote:

The tales remained true to Toumanian’s writing, while showcasing the late Henrik Malian’s incredible talent. The production was – at first glance — quite simple, without even a set to speak of. The actors simply had four or five large decorative cloths that were quickly transformed, from one scene to the other, into a wall, a bed, a judge’s desk, and even a horse! But who had time to look at the set anyway? The actors were all so energetic, the performances so fluid, and the physical comedy so hilarious that the whole stage looked full at any given moment … It was, quite simply, a flawless performance. But it was more than that still. The production, so modern and dynamic, yet so familiar and nostalgic at the same time, left me convinced of Toumanian’s timelessness, of Malian’s genius, and of the boundless talent and resourcefulness of our artists.

Prior to the weekend of performances, the Henrik Malian Theatrical Troupe was invited by the AGBU Montreal Golden Age Committee on September 8 to the Jirair and Elise Dervishian Hall, where they performed Toumanian’s “The Death of Kikos.”

Cultural Committee of AGBU Montreal Chairwoman Arsineh Attarian, honored for her dedicated service by the Executive Committee, and AGBU Montreal Chairman Armen Bechakjian.


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