Young Professionals Go Green by Uniting Worldwide to Build a Park in Khachik, Armenia

A view of Khachik before (top) and after (below) the development of the park by the AGBU Young Professionals.

This was one of our recent press releases but we’re so proud of this first-ever pan-YP collaboration that we wanted to make sure all our blog readers didn’t miss it:

After 18 months of preparation and planning, the AGBU Young Professionals (YP) Network recently completed the development and implementation of its first pan-YP project to build a park in the rural village of Khachik, Armenia. Flexing their global muscle for the very first time, ten YP Groups and YP Partner organizations from four continents participated, including YP Buenos Aires, YP Brazil, YP Greater New York, YP Los Angeles, YP Marseille, YP Northern California, YP Philadelphia, YP Toronto, YP Yerevan, and HAIK in Frankfurt, Germany, in cooperation with the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD).

With international cooperation as a main priority, the project was initiated in July 2009 during the AGBU Young Professionals Biennial Assembly held in Chicago over AGBU FOCUS weekend. Worldwide YP representatives concluded that the time had come to pool their resources as a cohesive whole for Armenia. Breaking new ground, the AGBU Young Professionals decided to launch an environmental project which would be conceived, funded, and developed entirely by them. As a result of this initiative, the new park will now provide a green space of beauty and relaxation for the 300 families of Khachik to enjoy; the park is expected to also help attract visitors and tourists, thus providing a future source of income for residents.

Read the whole story here.


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