Egypt’s AGBU & Armenian Institutions Back to Normal

The AGBU Egypt website informs us that normalcy is returning to the Armenian-Egyptian community after weeks of protests that disrupted their daily lives:

After the troubling events in Egypt which took aback the local Armenian community, matters are starting to get back to normal within all local Armenian clubs and institutions. During the recent events, none of the community institutions was affected with any damages, whether churches, schools, clubs or cemeteries except from some broken windows at the Kalousdian school.

AGBU Cairo offices in Cairo will re-open tomorrow Monday … The situation is the same for all Armenian institutions of Cairo and Alexandria …


One response to “Egypt’s AGBU & Armenian Institutions Back to Normal

  1. hovik Nersissian

    Post a comment??
    Since my childhood, so far almost 50+ years of loyal affiliation…deserving a Veteran Membership certificate….and following up the great news all over the world, I don’t think you have left an opportunity for any comment but go back to the same routine expression: You are always Armenian Greatest Belief that Unites: I did maintain the AGBU as letters but it’s so hard to really find or create the most feasible and attractive definition because, as AGBU, it has been throughout on the top-most and we as humans, prioritized as Armenians, should try our best to deserve climbing the way up.
    My sincere salutations to you all dears and a very special one to our great president Mr Setrakian, wishing him, his colleagues and the entire AGBU the best of success and pride, under the Armenian umbrella and within wordlwide human but “clean” environment, as always….
    Hovik Nersissian
    Jeddah, KSA
    +***-********* [REDACTED]

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