Armenian Virtual College Wins at 5th All-Armenian E-Content Competition

AGBU AVC among the winners of the e-content pan-Armenian competition

AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC) was among the winners of the Fifth All-Armenian e-content competition held in Yerevan from November 25 to December 25, 2010. The winners were announced during an awards ceremony on December 30.

A total of 320 applications were submitted to the Fifth All-Armenian e-content competition dedicated to the 500th anniversary of book-printing in Armenia. AVC was named the best institution to provide electronic education and won in the “e-Education” category.

The purpose of the competition was to discover and highlight the achievements of Armenia in the sphere of electronic content in 2009-2010. The event is considered to be another effective tool to encourage the presentation of Armenia’s e-content products and achievements internationally.

As in the past, this year’s competition was also held in the following eight categories as defined by World Summit Award procedures: e-Learning & Education, e-Science & Technology, e-Culture & Heritage, e-Entertainment & Games, e-Business & Commerce, e-Government & Institutions, e-Health & Environment, and e-Involvement & Participation.

The winners receive a monetary prize and the two top winners in each category are given the opportunity to participate in the multimedia world competition of World Summit Award.

The following is the list of category winners:

“My congratulations to the Armenian General Benevolent Union and the Armenian Virtual College for bringing this unique project to life. AVC won in the e-content competition for its uniqueness and the exceptional approach to reaching their main objective — making Armenian education available to everyone in the world through the internet,” said Garegin Chugaszian, Director of the Electronic Content association.

“Through the internet we offer Armenian education to all the Armenians in the world and to everyone interested in an Armenian education. During the 1,5 years of its existence the AVC courses in Armenian language, history and culture have had more than 1,000 students. It seems like the internet was created especially for Armenians to collect people from all over the world in one place,” said AGBU Central Board member and AVC chairman Yervant Zorian.

“Armenian Virtual College expands the geography of its student base and enriches the courses with every new academic term. Thanks to hard and persistent work the path that we have chosen successfully develops,” said Varujan Masarajian, AVC local committee chairman, who was present at the award ceremony.

This competition will help reveal and evaluate the potential of Armenia in the sphere of information technologies. The fifth pan-Armenian e-content competition was organized by the Armenian Fund for Information Technologies and the Armenian Association of Electronic Content.


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