Maison d’Armenie in Paris Celebrates its 80th Anniv

A view of Maison d'Armenie and (inset) Boghos Nubar (images via

Last December, Maison d’Arménie celebrated its 80th Anniversary. Founded by AGBU’s first president Boghos Nubar, Maison d’Armenie was designed by architect Léon Nafilyan and has for generations served students of Armenian descent who have arrived in Paris.

The following is an excerpt and English translation of a French-language interview by Nouvelles d’Armenie Magazine (NAM) with AGBU Europe’s Alexis Govciyan (AG) and Maison d’Arménie director, Philippe Sukiasyan, who explained the importance of this piece of Armenia in the heart of Paris.

Some residents of Maison d'Arménie show their Armenian pride. (image via

NAM: Boghos Nubar Pasha was (at the founding) the founder of the House of Armenian Students. What are the ties between AGBU and MEA today?

Alexis Govciyan: The history of Maison d’Arménie is closely related to AGBU since it is the founder of AGBU, the visionary Boghos Nubar, who established this institution in 1928 so that Armenian youth would have easy access to studies and would benefit from the advantages of the University residence.

It was for him, after suffering the horrors of the Armenian Genocide, a choice that I would describe as strategic to revive the Armenian people and its youth through education and, in particular, through higher education.

Boghos Nubar had stipulated in his bequest that the responsibility for the selection and the admission of the Armenian students would belong to a committee of three members, two of which would be delegated by AGBU, while the third would be charged with the duty to ensure the execution of the clauses of the bequest.

Since then his wishes have been granted. Maison d’Arménie is a very effective institution, matching Nubar’s conditions and some of the boarders have even gone on to become important figures.

AGBU is always involved in the life of Maison d’Arménie in several ways: it is a member of the inner Council of Maison d’Arménie and Member of the Admission/Enrollment Committee of Armenian students, or students of Armenian origin; 20 rooms are funded  by AGBU; and many grants/scholarships are granted to students who reside at Maison d’Arménie, and who continue their studies in establishments/institutions of higher education in Paris or in the Paris region.

For the complete interview in French, please visit


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