Loris Tjeknavorian and Edward Manukyan at AGBU Hye Geen Conference (video)

These amateur videos were taken by YouTube user LonelyAragats at this past weekend’s AGBU Hye Geen Conference at the California State University, Northridge (March 12, 2011).

Titled “Music as a Mirror,” the conference was about how music reflects the changing social realities of diasporan Armenian communities.

This small portion includes talks and discussions by former Armenian Philharmonic composer Loris Tjeknavorian, Edward Manukyan, oud player and composer Andrew Kzirian and composer Erik Hachikian discussing the Armenian Genocide and other issues.


2 responses to “Loris Tjeknavorian and Edward Manukyan at AGBU Hye Geen Conference (video)

  1. Talin Yacoubian

    I’ve been assisting in organizing events for 20 years. Yet, I have never received so many emails and phone calls from the attendees thanking me for letting them know about the event.

    On behalf of Hye Geen Young Circle, thank you to all of the persenters who captivated us through every moment of the Conference.

    Talin Yacoubian

  2. I was there and had a really great time. Tjeknavorian’s speech was moving and funny. I also enjoyed Andrew Kzirian’s talk about the history of oud, but I’m still not convinced it’s an Armenian instrument ))
    I’d heard Edward Manukyan’s music before but never seen him in person. He seems like a very intelligent man. I think the Q&A part should have been longer than the rest of the conference. It was more interesting and personal.

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